Van Gogh

Click here to see a short video interview with Hannibal Lee,
by Dana Kester-McCabe and Delmarva Almanac.

Tribute to Vincent van Gogh
Triptych, Textiles
(45” x 81” opened)

This triptych is a large-scale and truly magnificent Hannibal Lee Translation. It is based on a request Vincent put in a letter to his art-dealer brother Theo: He wanted Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle (La Berceuse) flanked by two of his sunflower pictures, with each piece framed with plain slats -- something that did not come to pass. Theo instead tried to sell each piece separately. At van Gogh’s funeral his friends made sure to finally display his work as requested.

Hannibal has created an entire series of Translations based on Vincent’s work, plus a 30 minute talk on what influenced van Gogh’s unique brushstrokes. This web site will feature that story and those master works in the very near future!


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