Unicorn Ark

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by Dana Kester-McCabe and Delmarva Almanac.

Unicorn Ark
42” x 28”, Textiles

Artist’s Comments / Notes:

After creating the Dragon Ark I felt I should create the Unicorn Ark as a companion piece. So, as with all my work, research on the animals is a most important part. What animals work well in the composition? What poses and facial expressions fit each animal? Under them the Unicorn figurehead works well facing the Dragon Ark. The Unicorn Ark’s sails, mast heads and planking of highly dimensional Corduroy, float on waves of blue with white highlights.

Pigs, foxes and raccoons peer out of portholes in the hull, and a pair of mallard ducks bob on the waves, as the domestic animals traveling in harmony with exotic animals from all parts of our planet.

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