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by Dana Kester-McCabe and Delmarva Almanac.

20” x 16”, Textiles and Mixed Media

Artist’s Comments / Notes:

The Panda evolved after seeing Chinese ink paintings of the rare creatures. Before working in textiles and mixed media I was trained in dry brush watercolors and oils.

Student days were spent training in the realism tradition with Andrew Wyeth’s sister Carolyn Wyeth, at the N.C. Wyeth Studio in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and at Eight Bells in Port Clyde, Maine. Art training started with basic drawings in pencil and charcoal of cubes, pyramids and spheres.

One night after leaving the studio I stopped by a friend’s house where he introduced me to fabrics that had been discontinued by his company. I took some fabrics home and made a whimsical, primitive picture of a Rolls Royce driven by a chauffeur in a duster and handlebar mustache. Out of the window of the Rolls was a lion, waving. I took it to the gallery who was handling my watercolors and oils and the owner suggested I make twenty more with whimsical ideas and have a show. By the second night sixteen pictures had sold -- I was on my way. They were very primitive with no great detail but that would come along by pushing forward with great effort to always improve and make them better. Textiles, textures, and colors were becoming a leading force in making my art most original and unique.

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