Original Art

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by Dana Kester-McCabe and Delmarva Almanac.

Island of Animals
40” x 30”, Textiles

Island of Animals (detail)

Hannibal Lee’s translations transcend classical art media. He created a new medium mixing fabrics and natural artifacts resulting in the stunning bas-relief textile originals pictured on this site.

Hannibal translates images into a carefully sculpted, vibrant interpretation of his subjects. His artwork begins with exhaustive research of the subject matter, from which he constructs a meticulously detailed master drawing of the planned translation.

Island of Animals (detail)

These master drawings are works of art in and of themselves, available as signed and numbered replicas. From these drawings textile pieces and other media are precisely cut and painstakingly built up layer by layer using a proprietary process -- a process that maintains the shape, texture and artistic intent of every one of the thousands of pieces of fabric and/or mixed media that make up a Hannibal Lee Translation. Often a depth of two to three inches of built-up material is achieved, thus creating the incredible “textile bas-relief” shown here on HannibalLee.com.

Master Replicas of Hannibal Lee Translations are carefully designed and produced to capture this stunning three-dimensional effect. All Art of Hannibal Lee replicas are top-of-the-line giclee on canvas.

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