Island of Animals

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by Dana Kester-McCabe and Delmarva Almanac.

Island of Animals
40” x 30”, Textiles

Artist’s Comments / Notes:

This picture may be the outcome of two small prints my grandmother had hanging in the dining room of her farm house. They were Noah’s Ark prints by Currier & Ives.

They were hand-colored prints which I can see in my mind today and now have in my collection. I’m sure my picture All Aboard was influenced by the prints of animals ‘boarding’ the Ark

My Aunt was always taking me to art museums and supplying me with art books. After a Degas book one she gave me was of the Quaker artist Edmund Hicks, whose pictures hark back to the Bible (‘the lion and the lamb shall lie down together’). And his most beautiful work? Noah’s Ark. Without realizing it my love of animals -- and my art -- were developing.

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